Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day 1 - Bellingham

We did try to leave on Saturday and got as far as Inverness and 57th in Vancouver.  A little incident with a motor vehicle required some repairs to my bike.  The good folks at Bike Doctor had it fixed and ready to go by Sunday afternoon.  Our wonderful roommate Steph and subletters Matt and Alex let us stay an extra two days at the house so we departed again Monday morning.

We cycled the 100 km to Bellingham through both rain and sun.  I was more sore and tired than I expected.  We  stayed with my friend Chris Dillard who served us a tasty egg breakfast. While walking down an obscure side street we ran into my friend Prema (Gillian) which was unusual since she doesn't even live in Bellingham.


  1. haha! I love the matching spandex!
    Too bad you didn't make it out of town as expected...but really it's a good thing it happened in Vancouver where you know the mechanics and have a place to stay.
    A great start to the blog - I look forward to more updates.
    ¡Buen viaje!

  2. sweet! look forward to more
    safe travels :)

  3. Here's wishing you sunny skies and considerate motorists for the rest of your trip!