Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Leggett Hill

distance = 76 km

After two days of rest we were anxious to hit the road.  The forecast for rain proved incorrect and we had a beautiful partly cloudy day.

After lunch we tackled Leggett Hill which at 1,950 feet is the highest point on the Pacific Coast bike route.  However, the ascent of the hill begins at almost 1,000 feet so it didn't seem any worse than many of the other hills we have done along the way.  And the descent along a road with little traffic was sheer joy.

This area also marks the transition from the rainy Pacific Northwest coast to the drier central California coast.  It seems like we have been rushing to get to this point and avoid the rainy weather of the autumn season.  So far we have been quite lucky and have had to use sunscreen more than rain-gear.  But it still feels good to be heading into areas where rain is less likely.


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