Saturday, October 30, 2010

Manchester to Gualala

date = 2010-10-27
distance = 34.3

- by Karen.

Poor Rob fell under the weather so we decided on a shorter day. We slept in till 9am. After a walk around the campsite and a brief chat with the camp host we only got going by 11am. He warned us about the rains a comin'.

We ducked in to a coffee shop, the Point Arena food co-op, just five miles down the road where Helen was enjoying a cup of coffee. Lunchtime for us, we took advantage of the salad bar and a carrot ginger soup made with coconut milk. Yummmm. Sure enough, the forecast said rain, that afternoon and the southerly winds seemed to confirm it.

We got back on our trusty steeds and made it to Gualala. The rains kicked in and Rob decided he was finished riding against the wind in the rain with a cold for the day. Fair enough. We pitched tent in the State park under a thick brush of trees. Rob napped while I zipped out for a quick walk to the beach. I had seen the pathway from the highway and wanted to walk through the little hobbit holes carved through matted wind shaped trees. Beaches here are not peaceful places. The waves really pound the shore and there's without fail warning signs about rip tides and sneaker waves. We're so sheltered in Vancouver.

It poured buckets all night. I'm amazed these tents of nylon are able to keep us dry through an entire night of hard rain, but they do! We packed up quickly in the morning and dashed back to Trinks Cafe in Gualala.

A hot breakfast in a dry place, we decided best to take the day off given a combination of rain and Rob not feeling 100%. We checked into a lovely room with a cushy bed at the Surf Inn. There we watched news about the Nov. 4th mid-term election and the Giants in the World Series.

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