Saturday, October 9, 2010

Up and Down

The last few days have felt like we were either going up or down a lot of the time - only a few flat sections.

Tonight we (well actually mostly Karen) built a campfire (hey, I was putting up the tent) here at the KOA campsite in Bay Centre, WA.  We had s'mores after dinner. 

As cyclists we got a 10% discount here.  We have also gotten discounts at the Sate Parks.    At one the ranger gave us almost a 90% discount because he didn't have change and cyclists have "less impact."  Do cyclists get those same types of discounts in Canada?


  1. Wow, I'm surprised KOA gave you a discount! When we tried to stay at one in the states they were going to charge us $50/vehicle (yes, we were in cars on this trip) to camp on top of the sewer cover! Next to the playground! I have had an aversion to them ever since. But I guess things are changing...that's really nice you're getting discounts for cycling...if only that were the case everywhere we cycled!

  2. And way to go Karen on the campfire building...that's my specialty too :)