Friday, November 5, 2010

Bodega Dunes to Samuel P Taylor Park

date = 2010-10-30
distance = 65.3 km

Another overcast day but only brief periods of rain.  We cycled through hilly farm country past several organic operations (mostly dairy).  We saw a couple of flocks of wild turkeys.

We are less than 30 miles from downtown San Francisco and I am surprised how much farmland and lack of "development" there is.  The small villages do seem a little more upscale though.  More yoga studios and art galleries than you would find in most of rural America.  And good espresso too  - but we have seen that almost everywhere along the coast.

We even saw some wild turkeys cross the road.

We shared the hike and bike area of the campground with a group of five engineers who had biked out from San Francisco for an overnight trip. Just like in Vancouver the conversation inevitably turned to backyard chickens.  But being that we are so close to Silicon Valley the discussion centered on using home automation software to monitor and control your chicken coop.  Apparently you can have it tweet you to let you know when the chickens have roosted for the night.

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  1. There's an app for that?!?!?! :D

    Love the adventure updates!