Sunday, November 21, 2010

Burbank to Huntington Beach

date = 2010-10-05
distance = 84.8

Karen joined Sommer at yoga class in the morning while I worked on
fixing a corrupt folder in my email storage (which explains the backlog
in blog posts and emails).

After saying good bye to Rich, Sommer and Hudson (the dog) we rode to
the nearest Metro station to try out the LA public transit experience.
We had opted to take the rail line under Hollywood hills rather than
riding the busy streets over them again.

At Hollywood and Vine we got back on our bikes and began the process of
trying to find a good route through the city. After a few wrong turns
we eventually reached one of the "rivers" that flows through LA. The
"river" has been formed into a concrete channel with a separated bike
path along the side. It proved challenging to find an entry point to
this bike path but once located it provided a peaceful and fast route
back to the beach.

After some more great beach riding we rejoined highway one which had
become a very busy four lane street with no shoulder and frequent
traffic lights. We wished that we had allocated more time for this section.

We eventually arrived in Huntington Beach where we had booked a hotel
due to the lack of camping along this section.

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