Thursday, November 18, 2010

Oceano to Refugio

date = 2010-11-11
distance = 113

This day began with riding country roads through farmland and towns with
a distinctive Spanish language influence. We saw many farm workers out
in the field and enjoyed hearing the Mexican music that was blasting
from the trucks (nothing like a little accordion music for cycling).

At over one hundred kilometers this was one of the longest days we had
done in weeks. But we made it to the campground in good time despite
one change in the route along the way.

The campground, Refugio State Beach, turned out to be Karen's favorite
so far. The biker site was right beside the beach and we camped under
palm trees.

Note to users of "Bicycling the Pacific Coast" - Harris Grade road which
is part of the suggested route is closed through January 2011. Use
highway one for this section instead.


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  1. Rock on, you two! FYI, the snow has arrived in Vancouver. Enjoy the sun!