Sunday, November 7, 2010

San Francisco to Half Moon Bay

date = 2010-11-02
distance = 42.8

by Karen

We leisurely departed San Francisco and our comfortable room at the
downtown hostel. One last stop at REI - we'd decided silk sleeping bag
liners were a justifiable luxury for the two remaining months of our
trip. We'd started out our journey with a home assembled cotton
sleeping bag liner sewn from two old bedsheets. However, one of these
bedsheets had been deemed "old" because it had ripped down the middle. I
thought a quick zip with Jonanne's sewing machine would have done the
trick. Well, the first night into our trip the sheet began ripping in
multiple places and had steadily deteriorated into what would have made
a good mummy costume for Halloween. Not the makings of a good night's
sleep. So, silk sleeping bag liners - worth it!

The route out of San Francisco took us through Golden Gate park once
again which was lovely. Then a ride along Ocean Beach out of the city.
We stopped for groceries and lunch in Daly city and made it to Half
Moon Bay around 4pm. A nice site close to the beach, we listened to
pounding waves, enjoyed a sunset and then the stars.


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