Wednesday, December 15, 2010


distance = 62

Oof!  Santa Rosalia and some rather unpleasant sulfur burps and bathroom visits behind us, we got back on our bikes and rode to Mulege.  Our recovery was complete, in part thanks to a visit to 'el doctor'.  The Mexican health system saw us in a matter of minutes with no fuss over paperwork, for better or for worse, and not a mention of payment.  Having paid for some prescription medication we took our meds more out of diligence than necessity.  We were already on the mend (again) but wanted to be sure the nasty was stamped out for good.

We eased our way back into cycling with the ride from Santa Rosalia to Mulege.  Dogs are ever present.  One at the beginning of this day's journey was scrounging for food on the side of the highway evidently having just given birth to pups but herself only just skin and bones.  Most of the time we're warding them off as they bark and charge.  Rob's fool proof method is to stop with the bike between himself and them, and to call them off until they back down.

We made it to Mulege by lunchtime and quickly found ourselves a garden patio table at the restaurant and soon to be night's abode of Las Casitas, with mid-day margaritas in hand.  It soon became evident that we had reached a tourist destination in it's own right, rather than a stopping point along the way.  A first hint was the book exchange at the laundromat and at the American run El Candil restaurant.  Good thing!  I was coming to the end of Cervantes' Don Quixote and would need some more reading for our upcoming days a la playa (at the beach).

We did a grocery shop to stock up for living at the beach.  Our staples so far in Mexico: cereal, powdered milk, quick rice, lentils, frijoles (beans), pasta and sauce.  Scared off of fresh veggies for the time being we opted for the canned variety packed with the obligatory jalapeno or two.

After a lovely night's rest in a pretty pink room with brightly coloured bed spread we headed for Bahia Concepcion.  The travel guide describes the bay as the best of what Baja has to offer.

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