Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sick in Santa Rosalita

Did the UV water treatments not work?  Should we have not washed our dishes in untreated water?  Was it the ice in a drink?

We aren't sure how it happened, but we both got sick on our second day in San Ignacio.  After camping for two nights we decided we needed something more comfortable and moved to a yurt in a riverside B&B run by a Canadian couple from Northern BC.  That also gave us access to kayaks which we paddled up the river to its source - a hot spring (really more of a "warm" spring).

It was the day after American thanksgiving so they were serving up turkey dinner leftovers for dinner.  It was great to have some non-Mexican comfort food.

The next day we seemed to be feeling better and cycled the 72 km to Santa Rosalita.  The traffic was light and the steep twisty descent to the Sea of Cortez was a great way to end the ride.  We'd received warnings about this section but after our ride I can only assume it's harder to drive by car than by bicycle.  Wherever cars and trucks are forced to go slower it is all the better for us! 

Santa Rosalia was originally built by a French mining company.  The architecture has a different feel than the typical Spanish style.  Many of the buildings are made of wood.  The main church in town is made of metal, rumored to be styled by none other than Eiffel (of the tower fame).  We stopped at the famous bakery in the morning to pick up some pastries.


That morning we had intended to cycle to Mulege.  But Karen was enticed by the nice hotel just past the edge of town with a pool and ocean view.  This turned out to be our home for the next four days as Karen nosedived the next day and we continued our recovery.

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