Thursday, January 6, 2011

El Pescadero

distance = 14

The beaches of El Pescadero were our last and southernmost stop in Baja
California and of this entire three month voyage. How fitting that our
trip would end back on the Pacific Ocean having cycled the length of the
Pacific Coast from Canada and all through the US. And just south of the
Tropic of Cancer. Los Cerritos was the first beach we hit up after
setting up camp next to Miguel's restaurant. Back on the beach we
soaked up the sun and observed the surfers who we would soon come to
have new respect for.

After visiting the environs we decided to take the plunge and give
surfing a go. We rented a board and wetsuits from Costa Azul surf
shop. The humongo beginner's board was hoisted on Rob's head as we made
our way to a less populated break point. We reviewed how to start
surfing with Matt back at Miguel's restaurant, who upon meeting us
admitted the "campsite" we were staying in was an unfinished hotel. I'd
taken lessons with Sally in Tofino last summer and was confident that I
knew what we needed to do. But Matt had some helpful hints. Upon his
recommendations we focused on just popping up on the board to standing
as it caught the tail end of the wave, way post-break. Rob and I took
turns at surfing the whitewash into the beach.

And there was surfing but there was mostly rumble and tumble, saltwater
nasal cleansing and Rob's jammed finger knuckle (oh, mi pobrecito). To
hurl oneself into the waves and attempt to harness that burst of energy
as the wave breaks. The waves that come and come and never stop. To
start understanding them, reading in them the moon and the land. Well
it was a fine way to wrap up this trip that has had us rising and
falling with the sun, studying the stars and chasing the summer as it
peeled away in the North from October until now.


New Year's Eve we packed up and cycled the sandy backroads to San
Pedrito, an unassuming task but one that warmed us up for a 9 AM
restorative yoga class at Rancho Pescadero. We set up tent on the beach
and watched as lights, beer and pallets for a bonfire were installed 100
meters away. How convenient. One more yoga class, bbq chicken and
tequila in town, a ride back to the beach with folks from Victoria, BC
and dancing in the sand, so much so that the next day felt like we'd
ridden 80km the day prior. Well, happy new year!


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