Sunday, November 21, 2010


date = 2010-11-19
distance = 63.12

Our last day in the USA and day 47 of our trip. Rob reports that we
climbed 3000 feet this day with the most elevation gain in one day. We
left San Diego after breakfast and a flat tire repair at Ann and Brad's.
We headed for the hills to stage our approach to Mexico through Tecate,
a smaller, quieter and safer border town than Tijuana. Along our route
was a border patrol checkpoint for traffic travelling west, and an
entourage of border control vehicles passing us at least every 15
minutes. At the bottom of one of the hills we passed the turnoff to
Tecate, where we would come back in the morning (exciting!) and climbed
up to Potrero county park to set up camp.

Brad had warned us of the storm coming. It was expected to start raining
that evening. The rain didn't come but there were some cold temperatures
in them there hills.

Luckily, we met the kindness of Moe and Ian, a couple from Toronto that
are driving their windsurfers, kayaks, stand-up-paddle boards and
bicycles to Baja del Sur. They'll spend three months at La Ventana
amidst like-minded adventurers (and maybe us when we make it that far).
They welcomed us into their warm RV for dinner where we ate and drank
and talked about travels and the road ahead. A perfect send off to Baja
California, Mexico! Here we come!

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