Sunday, November 21, 2010

San Diego

date = 2010-11-18
distance = 68.9

Not so sure when L.A. ended and San Diego began but somewhere in the middle, and our morning coffee stop, was Ensinata. A nice roadside beach town with lots of yoga studios and a lighthearted feel to it, boding well for what was to come in San Diego. We had a conversation
with a man that had walked from Eugene, Oregon a ways south as a protest against the BP oil spill. He'd been given a bike at some point and we talked about how fast it is compared to walking. Much faster.

We'd planned for a short riding day into San Diego so we could do one last equipment shop at REI and wrap up other such errands. By lunchtime we were mired in the roads and highways of the big city. At REI we bought a UV water purifier (which Rob is quite happy about, I can tell), received warnings about Mexico amidst encouragement from others, and an
offer to stay at an employee's home. But we were all set up with a warm shower ( by hosts Ann and Brad and to thither we made our way.

San Diego proved difficult to ride through. It was nice ending the day in a comfortable home where we were treated to dinner, showers, interesting conversation and a good night's sleep. The rooster on the other side of the street didn't even wake us up. (We have noticed
numerous urban roosters since L.A., and I have to say I love them).

Note from Rob - I am not so sure the UV water purifier was a necessary purchase even though it is a fun toy. And I thought San Diego was more bike friendly than LA with only one major route finding problem.


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